Welcome to Luifarm ltd

Luifarm Limited was incorporated in 2015 to export fresh fruits and vegetables from Kenya. We are leading grower of high quality fresh fruits and vegetables in Kenya particularly to the European markets. Our operations in the fresh produce sector entail production and processing of various vegetables like Extra-fine beans, snow peas, sugar snaps, baby corns, and fruits mainly passion fruits for exports to European and Middle East market.

Our Products


Grown in areas with cool climate. Sourced mainly from Eastern and Central Regions of Kenya and the main varieties we have are :- french Beans, snow peas, sugar snap, sweet corn.


Passion Fruits, Avocados and Mangoes mainly from Eastern parts of the country.

Our Services

Cold Room Storage

To minimize post-harvest losses, we store our harvested produce in a cold room to retain its shelf-life.

Refrigerated Trucks

High quality packaging in our trucks for produce to withstand the transportation.

Processing and air Freight

Trained staff to process and pack produce following the required standard measures to suite our clients needs and also safe transport of the produce to the designated markets via Kenya Airways .

Client ReviewsExporting fresh farm produce to Asia and Middle East

  • I have been exporting fresh produce with Luifarm since 2017 and he has never failed to deliver fresh produce in time.They will continue to be our suppliers here in the United Kingdom even in the future.

    Steve Smith

  • When it comes to client satisfaction and time management, I will always recommend Luifarm for supply and delivery of fresh farm produce. They have good storage facilities to preserve the produce.

    Shane Watson